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The Mighty Xanthus is the pseudonym of Cliff Dowding who is a composer and performer of psychedelic and electronic music. He has always enjoyed the writing and composing process and owns his own MIDI based studio based in Brighton. He originally was known as just Xanthus, but with so many other people and companies using the name, didn't want to cause any further confusion and decided to add The Mighty part of his name due to his massive 6'11" height.

As a performer, he has played in many venues in within the Brighton and Sussex area and his shows are normally accompanied with a spectacular light show that would include lasers, smoke and many other psychedelic effects. He also plays the bodhran and amongst all this technology he sometimes manages to incorporate the instrument within his live show. He is always looking for other innovating ways to improve his act and is proud of the fact that not any one show that he has performed has ever been the same. He’s adopted this policy so that anyone who regularly attends his concerts will not get bored with seeing the same old act.


To date, he has produced four albums: 'Starburst Dreams' (2004), 'Antediluvian' (a compilation of work recorded during 1986 and 2004) 'Ghosts Of The West Pier' (2007) and ‘Hill Fort By Starlight’ (2018). 


Cliff is also a member of two established Brighton bands, the psychedelic jazz band the Sumerian Kyngs, the prog-rock band That Legendary Wooden Lion and has recently been guesting with The Tim Burness Band. 

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